Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2014

MICHAEL NORTHAM - the opening door (2014)

after two previous posts on michael northam    here     and     there     comes another with fresh away-from-berlin-relocated-to-oregon-soon-to-be-back-in-india material by my favorite contemporary soundartist. next to >suhina<, this may grow to become my favorite material.

       MICHAEL NORTHAM - the opening door (2014)       

THE GODZ - godz 2 (1967) + bonustracks (2012)

i don't know how to label it: is it like a fist in your faces or is it like a friendly special treat? i mean it well but you will hate the bonustracks, which were released by the godz in 2012.
the 1967's record "godz 2" on the other hand is pure madness!

        THE GODZ - godz 2 (1967) + bonustracks (2012)            

Dienstag, 18. Februar 2014

post #100: THE RED CRAYOLA

the 100th post via suspiral is some sort of tribute to my favorite record of all time: "the parable of arable land" by the red crayola. remastered by spacemen 3's peter >sonic boom< kember.


       DISC ONE             DISC TWO        

PS: the dallas observer released an article "the ten best texas psychedelic rock albums".
"parable"'s rank was #1.

Sonntag, 16. Februar 2014


          NOUTHONG PHIMVILAYPHONE - compilation         
nice little recommendation recently. minimal music from laos, recorded between 1977 and 1981. via amiata media >nouthong phimvilayphone is a master of the khène (hand-held mouth organ) who has spent his life learning the various regional styles of laotian music. although he has dedicated himself mainly to accompanying the lam (the greatest traditional musical from laos is structured like a "competion" alternating between a man and a woman), he is also a talented soloist on both the khène and the flute, having mastered a vast repertoire of traditional music from throughout laos< - i just let the lam be the lam and focussed on the talented soloist merely: only instrumentals here - i found the duo- & trio-tunes way too much for my ears.

Freitag, 14. Februar 2014

JOHN CALE - new york in the 1960s

john cale - tony conrad - angus maclise - jack smith - sterling morrison - la monte young - terry jennigs -  marian zazeela

          SUN BLINDNESS MUSIC        

          DREAM INTERPRETATION         

           STAINLESS GAMELAN       

            DAY OF NIAGARA         

Montag, 10. Februar 2014


"Dreaming the Magic of Your Maya was recorded in room number 22, at the Hotel Stella in Paris, over a three-month period in 1967. This was where Ziska and Loren were living at the time. It was a garret room on the top floor of the famous/infamous left bank hotel and room 22 was the best room in the place, overlooking the Jardin du Luxembourg, on Rue Monseieur-le-Prince. It was small, you couldn't fit more than fifteen people in it

The hotel was full of musicians and poets and performes and artists and various colorful people moving up and down in the bohemian world. Friends would drop by room 22 often and engage in spontaneous music making. Loren kept a Sony reel to reel at the ready and recorded all these sessions. Sometimes, when more people showed up than could fit in the room, they would break into groups and to to play music in the park. It was a time of intense experimentation and freedom, of pushing the boundaries. Meanwhile the student revolution of 1968 was fomenting. It was an exciting time to be in Paris.
..." from the artwork

(via lysergia - acid archives) A group of American freaks hanging out in Paris who joined up with an exiled Daevid Allen post-Soft Machine to form what has been referred to as Proto-Gong (aka Banana Moon #1), existing from late 1967 through 1968. They recorded this one LP in Paris in Spring 1968 before D.A. and Gilli Smyth did their Gong thing. The LP contains 6 tracks dominated by Standlee’s meandering flute and occasional vocals spewing out what appears to be free associative poetry. Daevid Allen is credited as being on only one track on Side 2; another guitarist, with the rather suspicious name of Fej Mornin, is credited with the guitar playing on Side 1, most of which does sound somewhat suspiciously like Allen’s style. The album opens with a short spurt of flute and laughter (male & female - could that be Daevid & Gilli?). It leads into the first song, “Lovin Spaceship”, a sort of Proto-Gong bluesy guitar strummer with Dylanesque stream of consciousness lyrics and a Booby D harmonica finale. Following is “Women of Moon”, another free association Dylanesque blues strum. Side 1 winds up with a long track listed as two songs on the label. First is “Vanishing Rama”, a long krishna jam led by Standlee’s flute, echoed guitar sounding very much like Allen’s glissando guitar playing and crude “tin pot” drumming. Midway, a Spoonfull rhythm intrudes, leading into proto-Gong space avant wanking. This flows directly into “Guharam Rock”, more free association/guitar strumming, though this time with a more rocking rhythm set by “shoe box” drumming. Standlee’s flute at its most meandering joins in toward the end. Side 2 opens with the one track that officially credits Daevid Allen, “Between Spirits”. This track is pure Gong; atonal flute over glissando guitar with nonsense vocals flitting in and out. The LP ends on the lengthy “Ancient Faces”. This is a raga-fueled flute and percussion instrumental with a female “chanter” Ziska Baum, described as Gilli Smyth’s “soul-sister”and sounds very much like her. The music is trancey, yet floating and a jew’s harp briefly floats into the mix about midway. As the harp fades away, the percussion intensifies, a male chanter is added and the now double-tracked flute engages in atonal sputtering until the LP ends as it began with a few seconds of laughter. Princess Flower and the Moon Rays dissolved in the spring of 1968 when Paris was enveloped by student riots. Loren Standlee and Ziska Baum returned to the U.S. after she was busted for marijuana possession. Standlee, Ziska and percussionist Raja Samyana were members through the late 60s of The Universal Mutant Repertory Company, which also included original Velvet Underground drummer Angus MacLise and his wife Hetty. Samyana is listed as guitarist, though. This LP is believed to have been released in New York City, where Standlee was very active as the 3 or 4 known copies have all been found there. This Akashic label does not appear to be related to any other by that name (Maitreya Kali,    etc).

     dreaming the magic of your maya PART ONE                  PART TWO