Montag, 15. April 2013

LOREN CONNORS - till morning: more collected works 1995-2005

(by alexander richter)

"till morning" is a very arcane compilation. or at least, i feel this way. in times where mazzacane's work is recognized by more and more listeners, i'd have expected to find data about it. but i could not track down any information about "more collected works" anywhere. it comes along pretty much as if it was meant to form some sort of trinity along with "as roses bow: collected airs 1992-2002" and the relatively wide spread "night through: singles and collected works 1976-2004". just guessin' - but if you know, just drop a comment.

till morning part I

till morning part II


  1. the guy I got it from on slsk says "it's a compilation did by one guy after the release of "night through" triple cd. The guy put together the rest of unreleased and single tracks. Its a unofficial and mp3 only compilation."

  2. Hi,

    is there something wrong with the first part? Mediafire doesn't allow me to download. It would be a great pleasure if it can be fixed.

  3. try this one:

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