Mittwoch, 24. April 2013

ALAN LICHT - four years older

"alan licht solo electric guitar. four years later recorded december 2012 at echo canyon west. four years earlier recorded live december 2008 at the electric possible, washington d.c. all selections played as heard, no overdubs. a new set by the coolest chap in new york city documenting the development process of a solo electric guitar piece that alan licht has been playing out for last four years. revered for his work in the blue humans and text of light, and a key figure in the pantheon of experimental solo guitar players born in the late sixties such jim o'rourke and oren ambarchi, 'four years older' is his debut editions mego release, representing another peak in a career of mining the rich seams of minimalism, noise and avant-garde in general that stretches back more than two decades. as it says on the box side a was recorded four years later than the side b (and vice versa). if that wasn't enough it's been four years since his last solo lp, ymca, on family vineyard. four years older sees a move away from the loop-based pieces of recent releases. on four years later in particular the guitar's fingerboard is actually touched more than on any other solo piece of the last ten years, although the guitar is pushed to sound more like a suitcase synth, a church organ, a hornet's nest, and a malfunctioning playstation than a guitar per se." (label info)
four years older

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