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FRANCE - deux lives (8mm)

Europe’s best kept secret comes from south of France, somewhere between the Rhone Alpes region and the Massif Central. Now, If you are wondering how the traditionnal music from there could meet La Monte Young’s “Theatre of ethernal music” in a very abnormal ‘rock’ band, you must hear the sound of France, the incredible project of Jeremie Sauvage (bass), Mathieu Tilly (drums) and Yann Gourdon (electrified hurdy-gurdy).
The music of France is built around the idea that a circular rhythm section combined with the trance-inducing riffs of the hurdy-gurdy can generate an endless series of (micro)tonals variations, bringing the sound to always new unpredictable directions, also according to the site where the music is performed. In fact the crazy thing about these folks is that, wherever they are, they play always the same piece: a long wonderful drone monolith, blowing the listener’s ears like the wind blows on the top of the Alpine mountains.
After years of hidden activity, they come to their official debut with ‘Deux Lives’ recorded part in a church in Den Haag and part in an old wine cellar in Occitanie, finding in a 90 minutes tape the best format to experience their epic-drony-panzerkorp!
3 pannels Fold out silkscreened cover. Limited to 80 numbered copies, factory dubbed tapes.
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