Freitag, 14. Februar 2014

JOHN CALE - new york in the 1960s

john cale - tony conrad - angus maclise - jack smith - sterling morrison - la monte young - terry jennigs -  marian zazeela

          SUN BLINDNESS MUSIC        

          DREAM INTERPRETATION         

           STAINLESS GAMELAN       

            DAY OF NIAGARA         


  1. Thanks very much, but there are two tracks missing from Stainless Gamelan. Any chance that you could post these?

    1. i shared this one here: - the two songs you are missing were released on jack smith compilations. i might consider to share these sometime soon as well here on suspiral.

  2. My mistake, I didn't realise that two different versions of this record were released. Anyway, thanks again. And for what it's worth, that David Watson album is amazing!