Freitag, 15. November 2013

EHSAN SADIGH TRIO - diminished (2013)

the bad news first: the EHSAN SADIGH TRIO is history.
the good news is that the band is now a quartet. the trio released an album entitled "diminished" in summer 2013. one member left the band after the recordings, two new members were recruited and here they go in future: QUARTET DIMINISHED. difficult to say what this line-up will forge in days to come, but i read that the fab four from iran were touring between vienna, budapest and bratislava recently, so there's a good chance the new line-up will be a union de force sometime soon. anyway, one eye back to the past, to the record called "diminished". it's a hermes-product, which is almost always a warrant for quality music from the evil axis. i don't want to see this jewel here to be buried under the dust trap that "world music" is nor to be labeled as stinking "jazz". it is way more: it's fresh experimental art without all those tars, setars, kemanchehs or anything one would put down the region for because of one's own biases. give it a chance or two. well done, boys. i have good faith in you as a quartet, too.
       EHSAN SADIGH TRIO - diminished (2013)          

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