Montag, 9. September 2013

THE WARLOCKS - heavy deavy skull lover (2007)

first, let me point out this: i am NOT a fan of this band. however, i always kept a vivid admiration for the band just for this one record here, called >heavy deavy skull lover<. the records after this one and especially prior to this massive release were just boring and dilettantish. in 2010, there was a digital-only release entitled >EXP< i liked a lot, too, but it's merely a solo-recording by one of the band's members using the band's name to reach people, i guess. anyway: their aesthetics just gives me creeps. steal all sun glasses by the velvets, take the black tight jeans of jesusmarychain and end up somewhere sandwiched between the dandy warholes and BJM: the bandname boredom was already taken by japanese guys. so they took the name warlocks - as you know, a name that reed, maclise, cale and morrison used before "velvet underground". just sayin'.

coming back to this good record here, finally. you could hear them trying to reach some sort of point on their 3 records before the skull lover. it didn't turn out worthy, but if you were listening to it closely, it was about to go somewhere. this indefinite somewhere was matched beyond expectation in 2007 - it blew me away and still does. they use a certain type of melody which is on repeat every now and then, even on albums before this. the sound production is not as sterile as they had their recordings usually done. lots of reverb and feedback, almost as harsh as on some black metal demotapes of the early 90s. everything is right on this one. it is a dark and brutal piece of art, combining and filtering lots of interesting influences. okay, the band and/or the label never felt any shame to use names such e.g. the red crayola or spacemen 3 to hype the new models of rock - it's there a tiny bit, true. spacemen 3-fans know them anyway already, for some sort of collab with sonic boom. but let's not use other band names here: i think the guys and girls are simply talentless, in an uncompareable way. they got it right this one time and it was just pure luck. it's like an écriture automatique kinda thing - being born as wood, waking up as a violin. genius not manifested in the intended, but rather in the accidental. enjoy this one - it's a hell of a record.

     THE WARLOCKS - heavy deavy skull lover (2007)     

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