Donnerstag, 25. Juli 2013

A R V E ± H E N R I K S E N - chron / solidification

   c h r o n   (  +  s o l i d i f i c a t i o n    b o n u s       tracks  )    


  1. This is excellent, thank you for making it available. vulcangas do you take requests?

    1. thanks for your comment, mr. manion. i don't think that requests will work for me - but we can give it a try for now: what are you searching for?

    2. vulcangas, thank you for responding and I apologize for bothering you with what I am looking for but here it is. TAGORE by Wolfgang Dauner & Charlie Mariano on the MOOD label and SUPERSILENT 11 that is all. I know this isn't about me but about what you choose to share and I appreciate that and am greatful for what you have shared. All the best to you!

    3. you don't bother me, so no apologies necessary here. i can't offer the music that you're searching for. i'm sure i had all supersilents once, but it didn't get me, so i got rid of it. the tagore-thing sounds good (on itunes) - i asked a friend if he can help out, as he has lots of stuff of that era and style. he didn't respond yet - if he does positively on your behalf, i'll get back to you.

    4. here you go, mr. manion:

    5. vulcangas, no words can express my appreciation for this wonderful gift of music you have found for me. Thank you kind sir you have gone far beyond the call of duty.