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MOLOTOV ARC - hit that long lulu note (2002)

      MOLOTOV ARC - hit that long lulu note (2002)      
Some sort of Jandek in hiding, but rather an Angus Maclise in sounding, Molotov Arc’s „G. James“ leaves/left barely any traces. The only information to be found is as follows:

Molotov Arc is an ensemble of changing personnel dedicated to experimental music. Previous recordings employed bells, power tools, laptop computers, assorted surgical instruments, a lathe, and fire-damaged parlor instruments such as zithers and ukelins, using a variety of microtonal tuning schemes. Field recordings were known to wander in and out absentmindedly. On this new release, „hit that long lulu note,“ guitarist G. James is featured on four extended originals that alternate from quiet melodic patterns to ominous drones, executed primarily on a bowed metal-bodied baritone guitar. The effect upon the listener is akin to walking through an aviary during a monsoon. Or rather, what fractals sound like.

Full-length unreleased recordings by Molotov Arc can also be found at

The ensemble is also included in the SONUS Project at Concordia University, Montreal, and is regularly featured on Resonance 104fm in London, and WFMU in the New York Metropolitan area.

Some of the most innovative, awe-inspiring electronic experiments. Showcasing a mind-titillating collection of ambient experimental pieces, primarily on a bowed metal-bodied baritone guitar, the forward-thinking sophistication of this expansive musicianship might be likened to pioneering composers of contemporary classical music such as John Cage or George Crumb. This music most definitely brings to mind fractals or mysterious unexplored depths of space. Simultaneously creepy and exhilarating. (Tamara Turner)

„A fiber optic Eiffel tower careening into a wall of glass bricks filled with ice water and nasturtiums.“ (The Wire)

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